People with a disability

Healthy, safe and inclusive communities
Personal health and wellbeing
Percentage of population who identify as having a profound disability

People with a profound or severe disability are those who need “help or assistance in one or more of the three core activity areas of self-care, mobility and communication because of a disability, long term health condition (6 months or more) or old age” (OESR, 2011).

Age and disability are often associated with vulnerability. Although there is a range of ability and circumstance involved at an individual level, it is important to recognise the impact that the need for assistance can have on the capacity of individuals to respond and recover (Morrow, 2008). In a natural disaster context, identifying the population that needs intensive support will help with emergency management planning, especially if evacuation is required.

Data Source: 
OESR, Queensland Regional Profile
Morrow, B. H. (2008). Community Resilience: a social justice perspective. Community And Regional Resilience Institute (CARRI), Research Report 4.

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