Participation in arts and cultural activities

Culturally rich and vibrant commuities
Arts and cultural activities
Percentage of survey respondents who participated in arts and related activities in the last month

Most types of arts involvement have a social dimension that is an important basis for building social capital and community identity.

“The arts, through their communicative power, enhance individual engagement with the world in ways that have both personal and public benefits. These effects are instrumental in that they can open people to life and create the fabric of shared values and meanings that improves the public sphere. Collective artistic activity has the potential to provide a forum for voice, affect social change, or promote a community's unique cultural identity. Participation builds social cohesion and connectedness, thereby reducing isolation. Through building a collective identity, event and cultural facilities also build community strength. Community and cultural events provide a range of socially inclusive activities that contribute to overall community wellbeing” (CIV, 2006). 

Data Source: 
Resilience Profiles Survey 2011
Community Indicators Victoria (CIV) (2007) Metadata, Retrieved from
Survey Questions: 
37. Did you participate in arts and related activities in the last month (e.g. music, visual arts, dance, performance, craft); Yes; No; Don’t know

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