Opportunities to participate in arts and cultural activities

Culturally rich and vibrant commuities
Arts and cultural activities
Percentage of survey respondents who agree or strongly agree that there are enough opportunities in their local areas to participate in arts and related activities

Art and culture are aspects of community identity and social life. They are integral in forming national identity, community networks and preserving social knowledge. Pursuits involving art and culture such as sculpture, history (museums and historic buildings), music, indigenous culture, mixed media and the like also, provide a social commentary, add interest to our surroundings, and remind us of our heritage. Much of art and culture examines social events and trends, thereby facilitating reflection on societal values (ABS, 2001).

As growth industries, culture and leisure are important to Australia’s economic wellbeing. The culture and leisure sector also contributes to economic development through facilitating creativity, innovation and self-reflection (ABS, 2001) (CIV, 2006).

Data Source: 
Resilience Profiles Survey 2011
Community Indicators Victoria (CIV) (2007) Metadata, Retrieved from http://www.communityindicators.net.au/indicator_metadata
Australian Bureau of Statistics (2001) “Measuring wellbeing: Frameworks for Australian Social Statistics” retrieved at http://www.abs.gov.au/ausstats/abs@.nsf/mf/4160.0
Survey Questions: 
36. How strongly do you agree or disagree with the following statement?; There are enough opportunities in my local area to participate in arts and related activities (e.g. music,visual arts, dance, performance, craft);Strongly agree; Agree; Neither agree nor disagree; Disagree; Strongly disagree;

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