Membership of local community organisations and decision-making bodies

Democratic and engaged communities
Citizen engagement
Percentage of survey respondents who are members of a decision-making board or committee

“In a democratic community, people participate in decision making and local government processes that are transparent and accountable. People run for elected positions and have confidence that government will make good decisions. Because they are engaged, they feel empowered, that they have personal political efficacy and are in control of their destinies. People feel that they have equality before the law and fair and equal access to the justice system” (CIV, 2006). 

In times of a natural disaster or other crisis, people go to local clubs and community and religious organisations they know and trust to find support and resources (Ng, 2011). For example, the role of neighbourhood centres in the Brisbane 2010 floods is evidence of the role of local community-based organisations play in providing support and resources for families and individuals in a time of crisis (Caniglia & Trotman, 2011).

Data Source: 
Resilience Profiles Survey 2011
Caniglia, F. & Trotman, A. (2011). A Silver Lining: Community Development, crisis and belonging-Exploring the role of community development in Queensland’s recovery from the January 2011 floods. Under 1 Roof, Brisbane.
Community Indicators Victoria (CIV) (2007) Metadata, Retrieved from
Survey Questions: 
34. In the last 12 months have you been a member of a committee that makes decisions (like a body corporate, council, church, sport or school committee)?; Yes; No; Don’t know

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