Institutional facilities

Sustainable built and natural environments
Number of people; resident in correctional facilities; resident in aged care facilities; resident in boarding schools; identifying as homeless.

Sections of the population present different challenges in terms of vulnerability in a natural disaster. If evacuation needs to occur, substantial planning is needed for the transportation and rehousing of large numbers of people safely. This particularly affects aged care facilities, boarding schools and correctional facilities (Cherry, Allen & Galea, 2009).

Data Source: 
Australian Bureau of Statistics; Australian Government Department of Health and Aging; Australian Boarding School Association; National Census of Homeless School Students 2006; SAAP Client Collection 2006
Cherry, K., Allen, P., & Galea, S. (2009). Older Adults and Natural Disasters: lessons learned from hurricanes Katrina and Rita, Ch 8. P115-130. In Dass-Brailsford. P. (Ed.). Crisis and disaster counseling: lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina and other disasters. Sage, New York

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