Innovation/creative industries

Dynamic, resilient local economies
Economic Activity
Percentage of population employed in creative class occupations

The Creative industry and occupation segments are defined as: Music and Performing Arts; Film, TV, Radio; Advertising and marketing; Software, Web and Multimedia development; Writing, Publishing and Print Media and Architecture, Design and Visual Arts.

The term Creative Industries is now widely used by business and government in similar ways to the more established terms of cultural sector, primary and manufacturing industries. Governments have been quick to see the potential of the Creative Industries and Cultural Industries for turning the latent symbolic value residing in highly educated workforces, communities and locales into economic assets (Higgs, Cunningham & Pagan, 2007).

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Higgs, P., Cunningham,S., Pagan, J. (2007) Australia’s Creative Economy: Definitions of the Segments and Sectors, ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries & Innovation (CCI), Brisbane.

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