Houses affected by natural disasters

Sustainable built and natural environments
Disaster vulnerability
Percentage of survey households whose house had been affected or was at risk of being affected by a natural disaster

Two measures of disaster vulnerability are the number of households affected by a natural disaster and the types and level of insurance that households have. The number of houses and properties affected by natural disasters is important for planning and recovery purposes. Data on houses destroyed or damaged by a natural disaster provides the basis for financial and economic recovery and planning for future events.

Data Source: 
Resilience Profiles Survey 2011
Survey Questions: 
1. In the last 12 months has your home been affected by any natural disaster events (e.g. floods, cyclones, bushfires)?; Yes; No; Can’t remember/don’t know
Survey Questions: 
2. Due to its location, is your home at risk from being affected by any of the following natural disaster events in the future? (tick all that apply); Floods; wind from a cyclone; Storm surge (rise in coastal water levels due to cyclone); Storms (hail, lightning, wind, heavy rain); Bushfires; Mud or landslides; Earthquakes; Other (please specify; Don’t know

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