Faith and spirituality

Culturally rich and vibrant commuities
Cultural diversity
Percentage of survey respondents who have a connection to something outside of themselves, or formal religious beliefs

Faith and spirituality can incorporate a range of different belief systems that contribute to individual wellbeing; providing additional meaning to life and for some, an extended range of networks and support systems. There is some evidence linking religious belief with enhanced physical and mental health and life satisfaction (Hegney et al., 2008)

The connection between faith, religion and resilience is a complex one however in many cultures spiritual belief could be seen as a sustaining factor in times of crisis. (Mooney, 2010).

Data Source: 
Resilience Profiles Survey 2011
Hegney, D., Ross, H., Baker, P., Rogers-Clark, C., King, C., Buikstra, E., Watson-Luke, A., McLachlan, K., & Stallard, L.(2008). Building Resilience in Rural Communities Toolkit. Toowoomba, Queensland: The University of Queensland & University of Southern Queensland.
Mooney, M. (2010, February 24). World Affairs: Disaster, religion and resilience. Retrieved from
Survey Questions: 
42. Which of the following statements best describes your understanding of faith or spirituality? It is: (select one only); A sense of connection to something outside myself; Something that sustains me through times of hardship; A system of morality and values; Maintaining a sense of hope; A formal religious belief (e.g. Christianity, Islam etc); I don’t think about issues of faith or spirituality; None of the above; Other (please specify)
Survey Questions: 
52. What is your religion? (select one only); Catholic; Anglican (Church of England); Uniting Church; Presbyterian; Baptist; Islam; Greek Orthodox; Buddhism; Other (please specify); No religion

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