Employment rate

Dynamic, resilient local economies
Percentage of population aged 15 years and over who are employed

 “Employment for all is an important social goal. People out of a job may have a sense of less than full membership of the community. Improving employment options for young people, people with disabilities, indigenous people and older residents is important for a community that values people. Local employment options for residents will make the region a desirable place to live and reduce economic leakage and greenhouse gas emissions due to reduced travel demands. One of the key outcomes of local industry is local employment provision. Adequate employment levels are an important social goal (Freebairn 2005). Employment gives people the opportunity to make lifestyle choices and is associated with levels of personal satisfaction (Freebairn, 2005). Insufficient employment opportunities may lead to a decline in health and skill levels of unemployed people, family breakdowns and increasing crime rates (Austin, Shoemark, Stokes, Stone, Terril , 2001)” (CIV, 2006).

Data Source: 
ABS National Regional Profile/ABS Regional Population Growth 2009/10
Community Indicators Victoria (CIV) (2007) Metadata, Retrieved from http://www.communityindicators.net.au/indicator_metadata

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