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Community development is a way of working, a process, that is relational based and looks at ways of engaging community members, building local leadership and providing opportunities for community members to have a say in what happens in their community. It differs substantially from a service delivery model in its processes and how it involves community itself in identifying needs/services and how they can best be met to suit local needs. However service delivery can embrace community development processes.

Community development is a framework for practice that builds community resilience and community capacity at a local level while encouraging mechanisms for linking and learning with other regions. Community development is inextricably linked with neighbourhood and community centres, as most centres engage in community development methodology to build capacity in their local area (Caniglia and Trotman 2011).

Data Source: 
Department of Communities 2011
Caniglia, F. & Trotman, A. (2011). A Silver Lining: Community Development, crisis and belonging-Exploring the role of community development in Queensland’s recovery from the January 2011 floods. Under 1 Roof, Brisbane.

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