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Economic Activity
Net change in number of workplaces

“The purpose of this indicator is to detect those factors which have an impact on firm growth and performance and to measure that impact. This information is keenly sought by small business policy makers and researchers both in Australia and around the world. The information will also enable a much more detailed analysis of: where employment growth occurs in the Australian and Queensland economy, by which type of firm, and how widespread this growth is. A key feature of the ABS survey is that it is a longitudinal survey i.e. where a sample of businesses are surveyed across each year of the survey. This enables firms with similar characteristics to be compared and contrasted with other firms with different characteristics, both at the same time point i.e each year, and over time i.e. across years.

Business growth provides information about changes in small to medium sized businesses operating in an area and is a good indicator of economic activity. However, there is no necessary connection between the number of workplaces in the region and the performance of those workplaces (ABS, 2003)” (CIV, 2006).

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Community Indicators Victoria (CIV) (2007) Metadata, Retrieved from

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